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Antonio Canales

Antonio Canales

Flamenco is like a drug

When the "compás" - the mystical rhythm of flamenco – penetrates through the heart of a dancer, a unique feeling is born, which the Spaniards call “duende” - the magic of the dance. Antonio Canales, the director of the National Ballet of Spain, called the feeling of "duende" a "God's orgasm". He knows what he is talking about as flamenco got into his body in the mother´s womb.

Antonio Canales (real name: Antonio Gomez de los Reyes) was born in Seville in 1961. His father was a dancer and his grandfather and uncle were cantaors (singers). Child's interest in flamenco had developed very quickly into a crazy desire to go on with the glorious dynasty of dancers and musicians.

Antonio Canales graduated from the studio of the Club Natación Sevilla, where he was taught by the best masters of flamenco. His solo career began at the National Ballet of Spain, where he’d been working for nearly three years. At the same time, he toured with the famous dance groups. For example, in 1981 he was invited to the performance set up by the famous dancer and choreographer Maguy Marin. Cooperation with her has opened up great prospects for Antonio, he worked with such world stars as Rudolf Nureyev, Maya Plisetskaya, Carla Fracci, Julio Boca, Vladimir Vasiliev.

In 1988, Antonio was awarded the Italian Prize Mavisela as the "Best Dancer", and in 1990 he got the award «Mejor Bailarin Internacional» in Mexico City. 1992 was a truly lucky year for Antonio Canales, he was invited to Paris to attend the celebration named “Giants of the Dance gala” on the Champs Elysees. In the same year he created his own troupe and had a brilliant début with it in Bilbao, having selected two plays for the premiere: «A ti, Carmen Amaya» and «Siempre flamenco». After that Antonio and his company gained world fame: they were dancing in the World Financial Center in New York, at the Festival in the Netherlands and in Tokyo Metki Hall.

In 1993, Antonio Canales made an enchanting show «Torero», for which in 1995 he got the National Dance Award. The talented Antonio Canales is not focusing only on the dancing career: in the same 1995 he was appointed the director of the National Ballet of Spain. He recorded a joint disc with a group of "Ketama", played a part in the movie «Montoyas y Tarantos» nominated in 1990 for the "Oscar", starred in the film «Duende».

In 1999, Antonio Canales, "for his contribution to the dissemination of the culture of the state abroad", was awarded the Medal of Andalusia.

Yet, above all, Antonio Canales is a famous dancer and in his interviews he repeatedly acknowledges that flamenco is a kind of addiction you do not want to fight.

- Duende is a freedom and a God’s orgasm, fusion and purity – said the maestro Canales. - The inside purity is needed in order to get fusion.

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