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Regulations 2021


1. Basic terms

1.1 Definition

The Festival ¡Viva España! is a multifaceted cultural project which has already been successfully carried out for fifteen years in Russia. The main objective of this project is to form a unique creative space where every participant and guest can feel himself as a part of the world culture, living it and going deeper into the rich heritage of Spain, enjoying the true flamenco presented by the great masters of this art.

Official website: www.vivaespana.ru

1.2 Tasks and objectives of the Festival

  • Promotion and popularization of Spanish culture (in particular, flamenco) in Russia
  • Establishment of creative contacts, exchange of experiences, development of the technical and artistic level of flamenco groups, companies and soloists;
  • Presentation of artistic achievements of the competitors (Festival participants); award ceremony of the prizes in different nominations;
  • Presentation of the best examples of modern flamenco in Russia (flamenco artists´ concerts for a wide audience);
  • Support to the shows, montages and other projects of the best Russian flamenco performers;
  • Creation of a unique social, cultural and creative space, open to the public where professionals and amateurs of this culture, tradition and other Spanish arts and crafts are able to exist together;
  • Support to the cultural life in Russian regions, its integration in the international cultural sector increasing the professional and artistic level of local groups, companies, organizations and associations by organizing and realizing different projects;
  • Development and strengthening of the cultural relations between Russia and Spain.


1.3 Organization

The organizers and founders of the Festival are the House of Flamenco “Flamenquería”, the Cultural Foundation “Duende” and the company “Vengaya Producciones” (Seville).

The project is carried out under the patronage of the Department of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Embassy of Spain in Moscow.

1.4 Concept of the Festival 2021

The central theme of the 2021 Festival is Cante Flamenco.

“It is very important not to lose the traditions, because they are the essence, the foundations, the message…” (Paco de Lucía) . And the basis of flamenco culture is undoubtedly el Cante.

“Cante jondo. It is “hondo”, deep, truly deep, deeper than all the wells and all the seas that surround the world, much deeper than the heart that creates it and the voice that sings it because it is almost infinite. It comes from distant races, crossing the cemetery of years and the fronds of the withered winds. It comes from the first cry and the first kiss”. (F.García Lorca)

1.5 Shows of the Russian artists in 2021-2022 on the stage of the House of Flamenco in Moscow


Within the framework of the XX International Flamenco Festival Viva España the organizers have come to the decision to continue helping and supporting the professional flamenco performers of Russia, offering them the opportunity to present their shows on the stage of the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" during the season 2021-2022.

For more information contact the organizers of the Festival:
Tel: +7 499 921 02 46
Email: vivaespana@flamenqueria.ru

We will be happy to discuss your proposals and answer all your questions.

2 Structure of the Festival

2.1 Contest “The Golden Kentauride”

Every flamenco soloist, duet, group of company from Russia and the CIS can take part in the contest, if the full age (+18) is reached. The application must be sent with the video attached to the link via the web site of the Festival www.vivaespana.ru. The nominations:

  • The best flamenco dance soloist (traditional or contemporary)
  • The best flamenco interpretation (traditional or contemporary) for for duets, trios, quartets or other groups
  • The best musical interpretation (vocals, guitar and so on)
  • "Outstanding flamenco performance": award of regional level *


* Especially for participants from the regions of the Russian Federation. This nomination can be given as much to the best execution of dance, as the vocal and / or musical interpretation.

Each contestant (soloist, duo, group, company) can send the request to participate only in one of the mentioned nominations.

When all the participants present themselves, the jury and the organizers reserve the right NOT to award prizes in one or another nomination in the edition of the Festival of the corresponding year.

I tour: According to the results of the first round, the direction forms a list of the best applications which were sent via the website of the Festival (max. 30 numbers). The applications should be sent within the period from August 23 to October 3, 2021. The results of the selection will be published on the official website of the Festival not later than October 25, 2021. Contestants, who are in this list, will be invited to Moscow for their live performance before the jury.

II tour: The performance of the contestants before the jury (final) will take place on November 13, 2021 at the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" in c / Dobroslobodskaja 5a, Moscow.

The performances of the Contest are open to spectators; admission is free. The hall capacity: 200 seats.

Criteria for the evaluation of the participants of "The Golden Kentauride" Иллюстрация

Each member of the jury receives forms in which they mark the presentations of the contestants according to the criteria: Technique, Musicality, Creativity, Expression and charisma, Image (costume, makeup). However, it must be borne in mind that these are basic criteria, so that members of the jury cannot limit themselves to them. Like the jury in any other type of artistic competition, the members of the jury of Viva España are guided by their own priorities according to their ideas and personal opinions: for one, for example, technique is the most important, for another the most important element is the creative component etc. Precisely for that reason year after year, while arriving at a single conclusion, the members of the jury go through long discussions. This decision must be accepted by both the Contest organizers and the participants.

When submitting the application to participate in the contest, the performer automatically agrees with the decision of the jury of this Contest.

We would like to point out that the process of voting and distribution of the nominations of the "Golden Kentauride" Contest is carried out in secret in order to keep the confidential opinion of each of the members of the jury.

The rules of the Competition do not allow the announcement of the personal opinions of the jury, for moral reasons. However, the organizers do not mind if one of the members of the jury, according to their preferences, wants to answer the questions of the contestants about the evaluation process, after the announcement of the final results of the Contest.

The House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" is guided by the principle of not intervening under any concept in the work of the competing jury. It is planned, for all interested participants, to hold a meeting dedicated to the analysis of the results of the contest, together with the President of the jury.

The exact schedule of the workshop and the meeting with the President of the Jury will be published on the Festival page. Follow the news.

Awards ceremony: The award ceremony of the Festival will be held at the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" on November 14, 2020. The winners will receive a statuette of the Golden Kentauride, its material component of 100 000 rubles (for each nomination), a scholarship for a weekly course with Spanish teachers in Flamenquería Seville.

Contest Jury '21:The jury will be finally determined at the end of September, but it is already known that it will consist of:

  • Miguel Betegon – President of the jury. Founder and program director of the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg (Flamenco Festival d'Esch-sur-Alzette).
  • Susanne Zellinger - journalist, flamenco expert of the German dance magazine "Tanz", editor-in-chief of the only German-language flamenco magazine ANDA., as well as art director of the Austrian flamenco festival Kultur.Park.Traun in 2019.
  • Juan Campallo – soloist and guitarist with a virtuous playing technique. In 2007 he received the prestigious El Bordón Minero award, which allowed him to start combining guitar accompaniment with the soloist work at various festivals around the world. He is the composer who wrote music for performances for Rafael and Adela Campallo, Antonio Canales, Mercedes de Córdoba, Antonio Molina "El Chorro", Javier Baron, Ana Maria Bueno, Manolo Marín and José Galván - under the direction of dancer and choreographer Rubén Olmo, with whom he received Giraldillo Prize from the City of Seville.
  • Paula Comitre – famous young flamenco dancer, winner of the second prize at the XVI Andalusian Competition for Young Flamenco Talents 2015. In August 2019, she became a finalist of the International Competition Cante de las Minas, and her first solo performance "Camara Abierta" was successfully held at the XXIV Festival in Jerez, receiving special critical acclaim as Artista Revelación.
  • Jesús Corbacho – professional flamenco soloist singer. Winner of First Prize for Performing Malagueñas at the XLVIII International Festival of Cante de las Minas in La Union in 2008. He has toured all over the world with such artists as Belén Maya, Milagros Mengibar, Merche Esmeralda, Rocio Molina, Pastora Galván, Manuel Liñán, Olga Pericet, Marco Flores and others. He was also lucky to participate in the latest work of the choreographer maestro Mario Maya, the show “ Mujeres ”, which received the Critics' Award for Best Performance at the Jerez Festival in 2009. In 2015, Corbacho was invited by the National Ballet of Spain to participate in the spectacle "Alento & Zaguán" directed by Antonio Najarro. At the beginning of 2020, he also took part in the play "Divino Tesoro" (directed by Jose Luis Ortiz Nuevo), where he accompanied the dance and performed solo parts of singing.

More information about the jury members can be found on the official Festival page.

2.2 Non-competition programme 2021

  • November 14, 2021: performance by Paula Comitre & Co. Kaluga State Philharmonic Society.
  • November 15, 2021: performance by Paula Comitre “Cámara Abierta”. Russkaya Pesnya Moscow State Folklore Music Theatre (Moscow)
  • November 16, 2021: performance by Paula Comitre “Cámara Abierta”. Arkadiy Raikin Estrade Theatre (St. Petersburg)
  • November 19-20-21, 2021: Tablao-online Weekend “Orillas de Triana” (the best shows 2020-2021 within the project “Tablao-online” in Flamenquería Sevilla: María Moreno, Guadalupe Torres, Lucía "La Piñona" Álvarez)
  • Photo exhibitions

More information will be published on the Festival website.

Educational program

November 14, 2021: conference on Flamenco with Miguel Betegón (free)

Flamenco master class with Lucía La Piñona in the studios of the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" (Moscow).

The schedule of the courses, organizational issues, prices, detailed information on levels and choreography will be published on the Festival website.

The courses are directed to all flamenco dancers of the Middle level and more Advanced, regardless of the participation in the Contest.

The didactic program is paid separately.


3. Terms & Conditions of participation in the Contest of the

XX International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! 2021

3.1 Participation

Any flamenco group, company and/or soloist who are full-aged (18 years), of any country in the world can take part in the contest. The technical level and its correspondence to an international festival are defined by the jury from Spain, formed by the best flamenco experts.
The previous selection of participants is made by the Spanish flamenco specialists, on the grounds of:
The application and the video link sent within the period specified by the organizing committee from August, 23 to October 3, 2021 via the website of the Festival. The results of the online selection will be published on the official website of the Festival no later than October 25, 2021.

3.2. Video-clips properties

The video and the number must not exceed 10 minutes. The video of more than 10 minutes will be declined automatically by the system. The video can be a fragment of the number prepared for the contest.
The video must be published at YouTube; the video link must be attached to the electronic application. If you don’t want the video to be public, you should choose the option “Available for the users who have access to the link” by publishing.

3.3 Financing

The financing of the arrangements of the Festival is done with the budget and the resources of the organizing company, including other investments allowed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The sponsors of the Festival can be an organizations, private enterprises or individuals.
The committee of the Festival doesn't establish any quotas for the participants of the Festival.
The expenses of transport, accommodation and diets are paid by the participants.

3.4 Additional information

More information will be published in the section а “For participants”.


To protect yourself and those around you, use proven information about the disease and take the necessary preventive measures. Follow the recommendations of your local health authority

To prevent the spread COVID-19:

  • Good hand hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Keep a safe distance from people who sneeze or cough.
  • Wear a mask when surrounded by other people.
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose with your hands.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with an elbow fold or handkerchief.
  • If you feel unwell, stay home.
  • Seek medical attention if you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

For more information follow the link: https://covid19.rosminzdrav.ru/

Submit your application You may submit your application for the participation of the team
Program of the Festival Please review the program of the event
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09 2020
04 2020 Online courses with Paula Comitre (Zoom)

from November 9 to November 13 at 19:00 (Moscow time) - online courses with Paula Comitre (Zoom)
Guajiras with fan, medium level

04 2020 Оnline conference "Contemporary flamenco"

November 12 at 5:00 pm (to Moscow): free online conference "Contemporary flamenco" with Susana Zellinger, flamenco expert from the German magazine "Tanz" and member of the jury (Zoom)