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Премия "Золотая кентаврита 2012"

Конкурсная программа 2022 - не состоится!

Dear soloists, companies and dance school directors,

We invite you to take part in the ¡Viva España! Festival Contest-2022 organized by the House of Flamenco “Flamenquería” and the “Duende” Cultural Foundation under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The Festival's programming traditionally includes two parts: concerts and the contest. In the contest, contestants from all over Russia are fighting for the “Golden Kentauride” trophy in three nominations, showing the Spanish jury their mastery, charisma and art. The part of concerts and galas brings together the great flamenco artists in the best Russian theaters.

In 2022, the Festival will be held from November 17 to 20, including the final stage of the competition on November 19 and the delivery of trophies and prizes at the House of Flamenquería. As always, we invite all flamenco artists not only from Russia, but also from other countries, to participate in the competition program. Every year we invite illustrious figures from the Spanish flamenco world to form part of the contest's jury. This year the names of the jury will be defined at the end of October, but it is already known that the jury will be made up of Miguel Betegon, the permanent member of the jury, director of the Luxembourg flamenco festival, and Susana Larriba Adell, choreographer and flamenco dancer (Dance school DANZALarriba).

The contest is held in two rounds:

I round: According to the results of the first round, the direction forms a list of the best applications which were sent via the website of the Festival (max. 30 numbers). The applications should be sent within the period from September 23 to November 5, 2022. The results of the selection will be published on the official website of the Festival not later than November 13, 2022. Contestants, who are in this list, will be invited to Moscow for their live performance before the jury.

II round: The performance of the contestants before the jury (final) will take place on November 19, 2022 at the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" in c / Dobroslobodskaja 5a, Moscow.


The performance of each participant in this round should not exceed 10 minutes.





This year we have 3 nominations:

  • The best flamenco dance soloist (traditional or contemporary)
  • The best flamenco interpretation (traditional or contemporary) for for duets, trios, quartets or other groups
  • The best musical interpretation (vocals, guitar and so on)

Each contestant (soloist, duo, group, company) can send the request to participate only in one of the three mentioned nominations.

SPECIAL AWARD from the JURY "Mención especial" / “Special Mention” *

* This category is not a nomination. This prize can be awarded both for a particularly interesting dance performance and for a vocal and musical interpretation, only by the unanimous decision of all members of the jury. This award can only be awarded to participants who did not win in the other three above mentioned categories.


The winners will receive a statuette of the Golden Kentauride, a material component of 100,000 rubles (for each nomination), a scholarship for a weekly course with Spanish teachers at Flamenquería Seville.

The costs of transportation, accommodation and diets are paid by the participants.

"Flamenquería" can help you find an apartment or a cheap room for your stay during the Festival.

The award ceremony for the winners of the Festival Contest will be held at the House of Flamenco “Flamenquería” on November 19, 2022.

Within the framework of the XXI Viva España International Flamenco Festival, the organizers continue to support professional artists from Russia. We offer you an opportunity to present your shows on the stage of the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" during 2022-2023. If you have a project (show, performance, clips, videos, etc.) ready to be presented, but you don't know how to start, we will help you with this matter. We can negotiate the conditions of our collaboration. We offer our support in advertising, promotion etc.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email: vivaespana@flamenqueria.ru

We will be very happy to receive your proposals and answer your questions.

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14 2022

Изменения в программе Фестиваля-2022.

07 2022 На прошедшем конкурсе «Золотая Кентаврита» 2021 зажглось сразу несколько новых ярких звезд!

Кира Никитина и Ирина Тарасова с невероятной гуахирой одержали победу в номинации «Лучшее исполнение хореографии». Молодые танцовщицы из Санкт-Петербурга, которым пророчат очень большое будущее. В номинации «Лучшее музыкальное исполнение» победил талантливый гитарист Константин Ушаков, за полгода до этого выигравший главный приз на Первом конкурсе им. Диего дель Гастора.

23 2022 Открыта подача заявок на Конкурс «Золотая Кентаврита — 2022»

Оргкомитет фестиваля «¡Viva España!» открывает регистрацию на конкурс исполнителей фламенко, который по традиции состоится в Доме фламенко «Фламенкерия». Ознакомится с "Положением" и подать Заявку можно с 23 сентября по 5 ноября. Список финалистов будет опубликован не позднее 13 ноября.